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HEMA discount code 


promotions with a discount code

At you'll find many different fun and useful items at surprisingly low prices. We regularly have online promotions which make these items available at an even lower price. These promotions are sometimes tied to a discount code that can be redeemed at the order overview which will apply a discount in percentages or set amount on your order. The discount codes of HEMA can always be found on this page, so you'll never have to miss out on another HEMA discount code.

£5 off in the New Year

If you place a home delivery order at the HEMA online store on or between 7 and 18 December 2016, you'll receive a discount code* entitling you to £5 off in the New Year.

*the given discount code is valid from 1 January up to and including 31 January 2017, only valid on orders of £25 or higher

You can view all the terms & conditions of this promotion here

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promotions without a discount code

Besides promotions with discount codes, HEMA regularly has promotions on specific items or product groups. These promotions don't require a discount/promotional code from HEMA to be applied, the discount is automatically and immediately applied in the order overview.

Examples of these promotions could be: buy one, get one free, 15% discount on food & drink or free home delivery. We aim to vary these promotions as much as we can so that all of our customers can buy their favourite item at a discounted price.