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90 years of HEMA!


The 4th of November 1926 will remain a special date in the HEMA history books as this is when the Hollandsche Eenheidsprijzen Maatschappij Amsterdam, quickly known as HEMA, opened its very first department store. Located in central Amsterdam, its prices were based on the successful dime store principle; all of the items for sale were priced at 10, 25 or 50 cents.

The simplicity, quality and affordability of these items were appealing to all. It wasn't long before HEMA-items could be found in all kinds of households, from working to upper class.

This success led to a HEMA store opening outside of Amsterdam in 1927 and just one year later HEMA could boast a number of 10 stores spread across the Netherlands. 

Leaping forward to 1958, HEMA picked up the pace of its expansion, rapidly opening new stores all across the country. Then in 1984, international expansion started with the first HEMA store opening abroad, in Belgium to be precise. Since then HEMA has grown into the international retail organisation it is today, with stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Spain.




90 years of HEMA in a nutshell

  • 1926  opening of the first two stores in central Amsterdam
  • 1927  opening of first store outside Amsterdam
  • 1928  opening of 10th store
  • 1958  HEMA introduces its franchise system in the Netherlands
  • 1964  opening of own distribution center in Utrecht
  • 1983  first edition of the HEMA design competition
  • 1984  first HEMA store in Belgium
  • 1997  20th store opened in Belgium
  • 2002  first HEMA store in Germany
  • 2006  the HEMA online store welcomes its first Dutch customers
  • 2006  first HEMA store in Luxembourg
  • 2006  opening of an own commercial office in southeast Asia
  • 2007  opening of the 400th store
  • 2009  first HEMA store in France
  • 2009  HEMA opens a store at Amsterdam Central Station
  • 2010  opening of the 500th store
  • 2010  opening of the 85th store in Belgium
  • 2011  25th edition of the HEMA design competition
  • 2011  opening of the 600th store
  • 2012  HEMA opens a store at Gare du Nord in Paris
  • 2013  HEMA introduces its own insurances; medical & legal assistance
  • 2014  opening of the first HEMA store in Spain, in Madrid
  • 2014  opening of the first HEMA store in the UK, in London
  • 2016  HEMA celebrates its 90th birthday


For more information about HEMA, please visit the HEMA corporate website.